User Guide - Personal Identification

For PCs

(1)Go to page 「Personal Identification」

Please click「Personal Identification」 from My Page menu.

(2) Enter customer details

Please enter customer details
Please enter the same details in your「ID with picture」.
Please click the button 「Apply」 after you complete inputting.

Name Please enter you first and last name.
Birthdate Please enter the date of birth in the Western calendar
Phone number Please enter your contact
Hyphen is not required
Postal code Please enter your 7digit postal number.
Hyphen is not required
State/Province Please enter the State/Province where you live.
City Please enter the City where you live.
Street address Please enter the Street address where you live.
Building name Please enter your apartment name and room number.
ID with Picture Please select the type of「Identification Card with Picture」that you can submit.
・Driving License
・Documents that can confirm your address
Personal Identification Documents
Upload images taken with a scanner or smartphone.
You can upload an image by clicking inside the dotted line.
Images that are difficult to read or read will fail to authenticate themselves, so please check them before submitting them.
ID-Selfie is taking a photo with your ID with a picture.

The point of taking picture
・Please note that the characters and faces on the identification document are clear.
・Please refrain from adding watermark characters or filtering the images.
・Please be careful not to hide the contents with your fingers.
・Please be careful not to hide your face with the identification document.
・Please film it in a bright place.
・Please refrain from taking pictures with sunglasses or masks on.
・Please take a picture so that only you're the only one.
・If there is a defect in the ID selfie image, we may ask you to submit it again.

(3) Verify the status of personal identification. 本人認証状態確認

You can check the status of the examination on the personal identification page.